Harrogate Borough Council Needs To Provide Answers On Knaresborough Pool

By Conor McKenzie, Mar 12, 2021 10:03

Knaresborough Liberal Democrats have written to Harrogate Borough Council pushing for the town’s swimming pool to be opened as soon as possible.

Last week the council announced that all pools in the district would be opening from the 12th April – all but Knaresborough’s.

Local campaigner Matt Walker has written to the Cabinet member responsible for leisure, asking for greater transparency as the “announcement raised more questions than it answered.”

Knaresborough Pool has been closed multiple times over the year for repeated maintenance work and it has now been closed for over a year.

Commenting, Knaresborough Liberal Democrat, Matt Walker, said:

“The council appears to have taken its eye off the ball, yet again. Residents deserve answers.

“Many other organisations have continued to carry out essential maintenance work during the lockdowns. It would appear that this is nothing more than poor planning from Harrogate Borough Council, but questions certainly need to be answered.

“Knaresborough Pool is a real community asset. It is important for the health and wellbeing of thousands of local residents, so residents shouldn’t have to wait many additional months to see it return.”

Matt Walker led the community campaign Hands Off Conyngham Hall Grounds, after Harrogate Borough Council expressed its early intentions to build Knaresborough Leisure Centre at the much-loved green space at Conyngham Hall.


Full copy of Matt's email to Councillor Lumley, Cabinet Member for Leisure:

Dear Councillor Lumley,

Knaresborough Swimming Pool has had several maintenance issues over recent years. The most recent of these has now been ongoing for well over a year.

It is of course welcome news that the people of Knaresborough will be getting a new leisure centre, however until this is built, Knaresborough pool should be open.

The pool is a community asset for Knaresborough and for many residents it has an important part to play in their physical and mental health and wellbeing.

I have been contacted by many frustrated residents after the councils announced that all pools in the district would reopen from the 12th of April 2021, except Knaresborough’s. This announcement raised more questions than it answered, and I am hoping you can answer the following questions.

– What is a realistic time frame for opening the swimming pool?

– How many local or UK companies have been approached about fixing the swimming pool?

– Has the equipment company been approached to see if they can freight the parts over and a local or UK company be subcontracted to fit them?

– What alternative, if any, will be provided for school children who have lessons at the swimming pool?

– What alternative, if any, will be provided for private lessons booked at the swimming pool?

– What will happen to the staff that normally work at the pool?

– Have any Knaresborough Pool staff in the past year been made redundant or furloughed and can you assure me that no staff will be made redundant while the pool remains closed?

– How much in revenue is the council loosing whilst the pool is closed?

I look forward to your response so I can update the Knaresborough residents and I hope it is not too long before they can once again be enjoining their swimming in the Knaresborough pool.

Yours sincerely,

Matt Walker

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