Knaresborough Town Councillor Calls for High Street 20mph Zone and More Cycle Lanes

Cllr Hannah Gostlow has urged North Yorkshire Country Council to reduce the speed limit to 20mph between King James School and High Bridge in Knaresborough, and around all of our town's schools to 20mph, as well as implementing cycle lanes where possible in the town.

There has been a move towards walking and cycling throughout our town and the country, caused by the lockdown. I would like to act now to cement this change in culture, especially when our bus & train services may be reduced for some time due to social distancing.

Cllr Hannah Gostlow says:

"Our High Street is usually a fast and busy road that discourages cyclists, narrows our footpaths for pedestrians, and disconnects shops from the town centre, this scheme aims to let our town recover and breathe again. As well as a 20mph scheme, I would also like to see cycle lanes where possible and local businesses encouraged to take a lead on green transport initiatives."

"Knaresborough suffers from air quality issues, with two Air Quality Management Areas, and now is the time to take action."

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