Lib Dems Call For Cross-Community Cooperation To Recover From Lockdown

By Conor McKenzie, May 26, 2020 8:05

Local Liberal Democrats have written to Chief Executive of Harrogate Borough Council, Wallace Samson, requesting that the council establish a ‘Coronavirus Response Teams’, bringing together community representatives from across the district to implement a coordinated recovery from the pandemic.

If we are to prevent yet more businesses collapsing and residents suffering we will need to work together.
Cllr Pat Marsh

The teams would bring together a cross-section of representatives from a cross-section in each of Harrogate Borough’s communities right across the district, including business leaders, community groups, and elected representatives irrespective of their party colours.

In the letter Councillor Pat Marsh, Leader of the Opposition on Harrogate Council, says: “It will be important that we bring together businesses, community groups, and elected representatives at every level across the district, irrespective of political colours so that coordinate efforts can help to bring about a swift recovery.”

Last week the St George Hotel on Ripon Road collapsed under the strain of the pandemic, leaving people jobless and a considerable dent in Harrogate’s important tourism industry.

Councillor Pat Marsh continued: “If we are to prevent yet more businesses collapsing and residents suffering we will need to work together and work to bring together coordinated plans specific to each community in our district. This needs to be done quickly so that we are prepared as we come out of lockdown.”

Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Spokesperson, Judith Rogerson, wrote to Harrogate Borough Council at the beginning of May to ask the council’s Cabinet meeting what is being done locally to ensure local businesses are supported and compensated during and after the pandemic. She did not receive a response in the meeting or subsequently.

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