Lib Dems Slam Tory Incompetence, Wasting £Millions of Public Money on Council Office “Vanity Project”

By Conor McKenzie, Jul 14, 2020 4:07

  • Council may have overspent by up to 55% on council office “vanity project”, £8million of taxpayer money.

  • Liberal Democrat councillors have consistently argued against the project from the very beginning.

  • Conservatives must now answer “serious questions” and explain whether they lied or have been incompetent.

Liberal Democrats have argued against the Conservatives’ £9million council office “vanity project” from the very beginning. Now figures from a Stray Ferret investigation suggest that up to £17million may have been squandered on the project, leaving Conservative councillors with serious questions to answer.

Councillor Pat Marsh commented:
“Liberal Democrat councillors have opposed this move from the very beginning, arguing that it’s a shocking waste of money and we should be investing in the services that touch people’s daily lives.

“However our opposition was ignored by Conservative councillors who stressed at great length that this would be a £9million project which ‘will pay for itself within 5 years’. Our residents need to know whether this is still the case, and if not, why not, it is their money and they deserve answers.”

Judith Rogerson added:
“These figures are horrifying. Residents have seen their cost-of-living rise and their jobs become increasingly precarious, only to now hear that Conservative councillors spent millions on this vanity project.

“We need clear answers on exactly what the move to new Council offices has cost. If the figures now being reported are accurate, this is not value for money for local taxpayers.”

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