Liberal Democrats Secure Real Living Wage

Local Liberal Democrats councillors successfully secured a commitment to the introduction of a real living wage of £9.50 per hour for all council employees.

The issue was raised after a Liberal Democrat councillor, helping at a local foodbank, met a council worker who had to rely on its services as his council wage didn’t pay him enough to feed his family.

In response to the suggestion of paying Council staff a Living Wage, the Conservatives’ Deputy Leader said he “feared socialist principles” may being finding their way into Harrogate.

Liberal Democrats put forward the budget amendment, not because of ideology, but because of a sense of fairness – that hard work should earn fair pay.

Commenting, local campaigner Andrew Kempston-Parkes said:

"If Liberal Democrat councillors had not put forward this amendment, the budget would not have been fit to tackle the challenge that many lower income families across our district face, especially during this pandemic.

"I’m appalled that Harrogate Borough Council hasn’t being paying its own staff a Living Wage. Hard work should never be rewarded with poverty pay."

Liberal Democrats will always put fairness and equality first, offering common-sense solutions to the issues our community faces.

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