Unauthorised Development Concern at Mother Shipton's Cave

Residents have been in touch with Liberal Democrat Councillors to report concerns about an obtrusive development at Mother Shipton's Cave, in the form of major excavation work.

Local residents have been having many issues with similar work being done on the site for several years, either with no or wholly inadequate notice that such work will be happening.

Mother Shipton's Cave is in a conservation area and is home to an array of wildlife. This means not only is this development having an impact on residents, but it could also be damaging the home of many animals too.

In response to Liberal Democrat Councillors enquiries, Harrogate Borough Council's Planning Enforcement Department has confirmed that a visit will soon take place and action will be taken to address the concern, as soon as it is safe to do so.

Local Liberal Democrats will be keeping an eye on the situation and working with Harrogate Borough Council to ensure that this issue is resolved.

Commenting, Liberal Democrat campaigner and Knaresborough Town Councillor, Hannah Gostlow, said:

"Mother Shipton's Cave is a treasure to the Knaresborough residents and visitors to the town, because of its rich history and the attractive wooded area adjacent to the river. I'm concerned that not only is the Knaresborough community is not being informed of work taking place on the site, but that animals' homes may be being destroyed while the site's history is being forgotten.

"The local Liberal Democrat team and I will work with Harrogate Borough Council and local residents to monitor this situation. As soon as it is safe to deal with the issue, we will work to ensure that the council resolves this issue."

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