Lib Dems Call For Action On Walking And Cycling To Help Fight Coronavirus


We need to be allocating greater space to walking and cycling, otherwise it will be more difficult for people to go about their daily lives safely.
Judith Rogerson

The Government has today awarded North Yorkshire County Council £52.6 million in funding to invest in walking and cycling. This comes hot on the heels of a campaign launched by Knaresborough Town Councillor, Hannah Gostlow, calling for improved cycle paths locally to allow for distancing.

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Unauthorised Development Concern at Mother Shipton's Cave

Residents have been in touch with Liberal Democrat Councillors to report concerns about an obtrusive development at Mother Shipton's Cave, in the form of major excavation work.

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Knaresborough Town Councillor Calls for High Street 20mph Zone and More Cycle Lanes

Cllr Hannah Gostlow has urged North Yorkshire Country Council to reduce the speed limit to 20mph between King James School and High Bridge in Knaresborough, and around all of our town's schools to 20mph, as well as implementing cycle lanes where possible in the town.

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More reassurance needed over support for Harrogate businesses

Liberal Democrats call for reassurance over support for the Harrogate Convention Centre and local businesses

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