It's Time To Invest In Green Space And Infrastructure

By Conor McKenzie, Mar 26, 2021 11:03

Local Liberal Democrats are fighting to invest in what brings communities together and helps them thrive, after what has been a very difficult year.

Key areas that have been highlighted includes our green spaces and infrastructure, such as schools, doctors’ surgeries, and road improvements.

Harrogate has seen housing developments thrown up across the town, approved by Conservative-run Harrogate Borough Council.

Lib Dems have said that these have failed to come with the required infrastructure to support the new houses, nor have they been genuinely affordable for local people.

Local campaigner Andrew Kempston-Parkes joined Cllr Geoff Webber – who sadly passed away on 11th March – in his concern at the Knox Lane development, which is attempting to add a further 50% growth in housing to the site. 

As Bilton’s councillor, Andrew was responsible for not only protecting green spaces, but actively investing in it.

Working with local residents, Andrew Kempston-Parkes helped protect Bachelors Field from being another housing development, and instead made it a beautiful park.

As residents’ appreciation for green space has grown, now more than ever is the moment to ensure that we turn the tide of over-development and fight for greater investment in our precious green space.

Commenting, local campaigner Andrew Kempston-Parkes said:

“We need to put community back at the heart of local decision-making.

“All proposed developments should be assessed for how they will impact the existing community and how we can maximise the community feeling.

“We should invest in what makes our area a happy place to live, rather than letting developers squeeze more and more profit out of the sites.”

“Community should be at the heart of new developments, not profit and destruction.”

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