Pride 2020

People should be able to go about their lives without fear of discrimination. However, hate crimes are on the rise, and too many groups of people no longer feel safe.

We believe that the Government needs to take an active role both in punishing discrimination and ensuring that it does not happen in the first place.

We will fight to:

  • Tackle the rise in hate crimes by making them all aggravated offences, giving law enforcement the resources and training they need to identify and prevent them, and condemning inflammatory rhetoric – including anti-Semitism and Islamophobia – by those with public platforms.

  • Complete reform of the Gender Recognition Act to remove the requirement for medical reports, scrap the fee and recognise non-binary gender identities.

  • Introduce an ‘X’ gender option on passports and extend equality law to cover gender identity and expression.

  • Ensure accurate population data on sexual orientation and gender identity by including a question on LGBT+ status within the 2021 Census.

  • Require schools to introduce gender-neutral uniform policies and break down outdated perceptions of gender appropriateness of certain subjects.
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